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OnlineDegreesInEducation is a resource guide to online Education degrees. Whether you want to start a career or take it to the next level, there is an online program available for you with degrees offered at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and even doctoral levels.

Online degrees in education are popular among working adults and career changers who need maximum flexibility when it comes to scheduling courses. Many of these programs are through traditional schools that have been around for a number of years while others are available through online-only schools. We have listed some featured schools below that offer online degrees in education.

Grand Canyon University — Grand Canyon University offers a full complement of education degrees, including a BS in Special Ed, BS in Secondary Ed Business, BS in Secondary Ed English, and a BS in Secondary Ed Math. Programs are regionally accredited and approved in Arizona.
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Liberty University — Liberty University's School of Education offers an Associate degree and Doctor of Education, with all programs focusing on providing quality Christian education. Graduates are prepared to strengthen students mentally and spiritually, whether teaching in Christian or public schools.
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University of Southern California — The University of Southern California offers a MA in various disciplines including general study, Secondary Science, Secondary Mathematics, Special Education, and many more. All programs focus on a holistic development of students.
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Kaplan University — Kaplan University's Master of Science in Education K-12 trains educators in curriculum design, classroom management, and instructional technology. The MA in grades 5-12 degree is a more specialized program that goes into depth on subjects covered in those grades. The MSHE in Education Assessment trains educators to create and evaluate tests.
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Northcentral University — North Central University's Ed. D. in Educational Leadership offers fourteen specializations, including E-Learning, Global Training and Development, Instructional Leadership, Organizational Leadership, and Adult Learning and Workforce Education. The Educational Leadership Specialization prepares students for both the daily demands of leading schools and gives a base of historical and contemporary theories.
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Elementary Education Online Degrees

This is one of the most common programs for online degrees in education. In this program, students learn the fundamentals of education grades kindergarten through sixth grade. Basic areas such math, reading, and writing are taught, along with social studies and basic science. Students learn how to maintain a lesson plan cohesive with the curriculum in that respective state. Other areas such as observation and direct instruction are also taught. States have different requirements for student teacher hours.

Specialized Degrees in Education

Specialized degrees are important for teachers in areas where there may be too many teachers applying for the same jobs. Although a significant number of teachers are fast approaching retirement age, many states still have a surplus of kindergarten and elementary teachers ( Instead, schools have a serious need for:

  • Bilingual teachers
  • ESL teachers
  • Special needs teachers

These three areas are among the fastest growing in public education ( Bilingual and ESL teachers were once focused in California, Texas, and a few other Southern states, but now there’s a need for teachers with these skills across the country. It is the same for special needs instructors.

Specialized degrees are usually graduate-level programs available online. These programs accept those who have been teaching at least one year. Some require as much as three years of work experience. These degrees allow a teacher to concentrate in one area for approximately two years of study, preparing him or her to teach certain classes or work as a consultant for an education company. If you choose to be in the classroom, but would like to potentially increase your earning power and job opportunities, this is the ideal education route. Some education master’s programs operate on a fast track for those who have classroom experience and a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Some also require a teacher to already possess a teaching license when they enroll in the program.

Education Leadership and Administration Degrees

These programs are aimed at those working in education at the administration level. For teachers who have experience, but no longer wish to work in the classroom, this could be a great route that utilizes your past education while potentionally opening a new career opportunity. These programs are usually only available at the master’s level. In the many cases, employers will require some work experience for higher level administrative positions ( Because of this, some master’s programs in education leadership or administration only accept experienced teachers.

In these programs, students learn how to manage a school, about state education policies and procedures, and how to motivate their staff and lead effectively. This education may also lead to a job with the district creating curriculum or leading workshops in teacher education. This is an exciting idea for those who are eager to see changes in the public school system.

How Do Online Degrees in Education Work?

Students receive a syllabus at the beginning of each course. All course work is completed on the student’s own time, via the Internet. For schools that have a campus, some teaching programs will require a student periodically meet at the school for group meetings.

Schools that operate solely online also have many resources for students, including archives on education and message boards where students interact with one another. For some courses, this message board may be part of a participating grade. Students may also be able to reach out to instructors via live chats, the message board, or designated office hours where the teacher is available for scheduled phone calls. It is important to thoroughly research an online program in education. Because mastering education material requires an engaging atmosphere, it’s essential the instructor is experienced in conducting an online course. After finishing the program, the student is responsible for signing up for the teaching certification exam in their state.

Master’s Prerequisites for Online Degrees in Education

Some graduate-level programs in education do not require a bachelor’s degree in education. If you have an undergrad degree in writing, communication, or liberal arts, you may be a candidate for a master’s program in education. For those who are having trouble finding a job in their fields, beginning a career in education may be a way to utilize their skills while learning about the new frontier of education and administration. Sometimes, those with management experience who become burned out on the corporate circuit, turn to administration in education. This allows them to potentially use their experience in a new way, in a different environment.

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