Top Resources for Lesson Planning


Lesson planning takes time, and sometimes, lots of it. Whether you’re a new teacher or seasoned veteran, planning activities and instruction requires thoughtful and thorough preparation. And thankfully, the Internet offers a wealth of useful information to help educators create dynamic, engaging, and educationally effective lesson plans.


How Great Teachers Can Identify and Prevent Bullying in Schools

Bullies and their victims often cannot be recognized by teachers, but students know who they are. Many studies over the past several years have revealed how teachers and parents can recognize bullies. Some of these observations include some work, such as surveys among students and listening to “self-reported” bullies talk about their exploits and to victims as they share their plights. But, the bullying doesn’t stop there, as recent reports show that teachers also can be the bullies. Learn more about how bullying is defined, and what teachers and other authority figures can do about reducing this behavior across the board in schools. (more…)

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